Some of the more interesting projects I have been involved with:

Project 01


Windshield washer fluid dispensing system. Developed novel windshield washer fluid dispensing system for GM plant which allowed "on the fly" adjustment of amount of fluid to be dispensed and the ratio of washer fluid to water. Utilized stepper motors with positive displacement pumps, PLC controlled.

Project 02


Quick Change Cart for Automotive Stamping Plant.

Designed the complete pneumatic, hydraulic and air logic system so the 3 hydraulic functions (traverse-rotate-extend and retract) could all be powered and controlled by a single flexible air line drop. No electrical required.

Project 03


Air oil system to replace an existing hydraulic power unit. This system allowed the use of air to drive the system linear motion, while incorporating a hydraulic cylinder and proportional valving to control the rate of travel and hydraulically locking the cylinder as required. These projects were taken from a customer concept to completed working product or system.